Etienne Muller Cedar Strip Kayaks and Boat-building

Brushwood Studios Art Gallery - Parknasilla Woods - Sneem - Co. Kerry - Ireland - 00353 (0)64-6645108

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The North Star Sea Kayak by Rob Macs during varnishing.


Testing to see if the cockpit is in the right place and if it will float as promised


The Nimrod Two designed by Daryl Graves Which I built 15 years ogo - Behind is a CLC West River 180


During the construction of the Waterstrider


Waterstrider coming in to harbour


Eoin Kelly looking out over the magic of Kenmare Bay during a winter sunset.

Click here to go to my dedicated boat-building siteLargeNext1

There you will find full building logs of some of my projects, In particular the North Star Sea Kayak designed By Rob Macs and my own design of a small trimiran which I haqve called the Waterstrider.

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